Three Shadi Trends You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

Three Shadi Trends You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

The wedding season is in full swing. The winter season seems to be the perfect time for couples to tie the knot as the weather is wonderful, holidays are around the corner and booking wedding halls is significantly less pricier.
But the wedding season brings in lots of questions and decisions one has to make, like: What to wear? What are the latest wedding invitations like? What kind of theme to choose and so much more.
It requires planning, searching and researching the latest trends and fashions. We at Floréal invites are here to provide you a hassle free approach to deciding all the major things for your wedding.
Here are 3 major trends for this wedding season to help you decide what to do on your special day:

1. Bright Pastels:
Although pastel color palettes have always been a part of the nikkah ceremony, now they’re also being seen in other events. Not just as the colors that people wear, but also the themes for the wedding decorations, floral arrangements and overall color palettes and we are NOT complaining!

2. Short & Simple Mehndi Designs:
When one hears the word: “wedding” it’s hard not to immediately imagine mehendi, as it is such an essential part of Pakistani wedding traditions.
As opposed to previously seen trends, nowadays short, elegant and simplistic mehendi designs are all the rage. Even brides, on their special day are getting minimalistic floral designs made on their hands and feet because simple designs have their own unique and sophisticated beauty.

3. Floral Everything:
Flowers have always been a part of every culture’s wedding traditions, because their beauty remains unmatched. So, it comes as no surprise that floral patterns are trending not only in wedding fashion right now, but also in the overall wedding decoration, in floral jewelry and floral arrangements as wedding gifts. Floral EVERYTHING for the win!


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