How We Catered #AzlanKiWish Bidh Boxes

How We Catered #AzlanKiWish Bidh Boxes

All of social media is aware of the most talked about wedding this shadi season by now. But if you are not, we are happy to tell you!
Dr. Warisha Javed Khan or if you know her as simply: Warisha got married to Azlan Shah on the 1st of December 2022. Warisha is a dentist as well as a digital creator with an audience of 220k followers on Instagram, while her husband: Azlan is a Youtuber with an audience of 360k subscribers. So, their wedding was a HUGE sensation all over social media. After all, the animal enthusiast Azlan had gifted his wife a very adorable baby donkey named Bhola on their wedding because Warisha herself has always loved baby donkeys 💗
Of course no wedding is complete without beautiful bidh boxes and we, at Floréal Invites, had the honor to work on the bidh boxes for their nikkah.
This is how we designed bidh boxes for the lovely couple to make their special day even more special.
Warisha was the one who reached out to us and asked if we would design boxes for her. They had a theme in mind: something peachy or of nude tones, simple and elegant. We started working with that and went through a few iterations, mixing and matching different fonts and colors. We kept altering the illustrations and designs according to their preference.
Once they were happy and satisfied with the design, we created a mockup box so they could see what the design would look like on an actual prepared box.
Upon their approval, we prepared the rest of the boxes and packed them up for delivery.
They were super excited to see the boxes in real life and were very happy with how they turned out. We absolutely loved working with them and making their event even more joyful through our boxes 💖
The rest is history
You too can grab this design on our site now.

It has become one of our most famous designs, and we're the happiest for that. Order yours now!

Below are some snaps where our boxes were spotted!

(Azlan Spotted having his bidh from our boxes ❤️)

(Our full view of this gorgeous box)

(Warisha lovingly sharing a snippet of our boxes ❤️)
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