Hajj & Umrah Tabarruk Boxes

Hajj & Umrah Tabarruk Boxes

To have the blessing of being able to perform Umrah and Hajj 🕋 is incredible and to be able to share this blessing with your friends and family is even more wonderful. Umrah and Hajj tabrruk has always been a great way to celebrate this beautiful occasion with your loved ones. Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could customize these boxes to your preference and make them even more beautiful? Floréal Invites has got you covered with the most gorgeous tabarruk boxes! 💞 

Here are a few of the designs we’ve made for our clients already:

These half kg hardbox Hajj tabarruk boxes were made for a client with a simple yet elegant border design. It can fit a few khajoor, candies, zamzam bottle, tasbeeh and more if you’d like.


A more unique style for tabarruk boxes would be with emerald green as the main color and an elegant border, these were also made for another client and are perfect for Hajj as well as Umrah.


These golden tin boxes with beautiful illustrations of the Kabbah 🕋 and the green dome of al-Masjid an-Nabawi are splendid for the occasion of Hajj.


Pink tabarruk boxes? 💗 Why not? We made these on a client’s request and in our opinion, the pink bow just makes it pop!


Performing Umrah brings peace and calm like no other! So we made these boxes featuring a very peaceful blue shade 💙

These are just a few of the boxes we’ve designed, they can be completely customized according to your taste and preference so order your Hajj or Umrah tabarruk boxes today!

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